Lisa & Bill were married at St. Vincent de Paul Parish in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. I started the day with Lisa, her sisters and her mother getting ready in a neighborhood hotel. My friend Justin Runquist was the second photographer and he started with Bill and the guys while they were getting ready.

St. Vincent de Paul is one of Chicago’s most beautiful churches which made for a great ceremony. After the ceremony, we walked to the El, I always love taking the train on wedding days! Once we got downtown, we walked along the river and made portraits along the way. We got to Hubbard Inn just in time to head up to the roof for some nighttime skyline portrait.

After toasts and dinner, we headed back up to the lounge level for the dancing. I loved the colorful lights in the space. I knew Lisa & Bill were going to have an awesome wedding when they told me during their engagement shoot that they were brewing their own beer to give to their guests as favors. I haven’t tried mine yet, but I’m looking forward to it!

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