I met Lauren and Dan at the Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool in Chicago’s Lincoln Park. They were very patient as we had to reschedule a few times while waiting for the lily pond to reopen during the coronavirus outbreak.

It’s been a bit tricky learning to navigate shooting while behind a mask, but these two made it fun. Speaking of that, you can see how much fun the two of them had all day. Dan must have been telling some funny stories.

After our time in the park we headed downtown to the Riverwalk at LaSalle street. The LaSalle Street Bridge is one of the most iconic locations in the city and offers great views in every direction. With downtown a little quieter than usual we didn’t have to dodge quite as many tourists as usual and were able to shoot in a couple of spots that are normally just too busy.

I had an awesome afternoon and evening with Lauren and Dan. Thanks for spending one of your last days in Chicago with me and I’m looking forward to your wedding next year at The Rookery Building!

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