where do we go for engagement photos?

Choosing where to go for engagement photos is totally up to you. If you don’t know where you’d like to shoot, that’s no problem. There’s no shortage of awesome Chicago engagement photo locations to choose from. Here’s a couple of tips that can help you narrow it down:

Pick some place that’s meaningful to the two of you

If you’re struggling with ideas, I suggest thinking about locations that are reflective of the two of you. Consider places that have some meaning or significance to the two of you. The best spots are the most personal. Did you meet in college? Let’s go back and shoot on campus. Maybe your family has property on Lake Michigan in Northern Wisconsin, let’s go there!

Pick a different location than your wedding day plans

An engagement session is a great opportunity to visit someplace that might not be an option on your wedding day. If you’re getting married in the suburbs, but would love a few photos with the skyline, this is your chance.

Getting married in Chicago, but living in another state? No problem, I can come to you. It’s often more reasonable for one of me to fly than for the two of you. I love shooting destination engagement sessions and you’ll get a totally different look than your wedding photos.

where do we meet?

It’s no accident that I begin a lot of my engagement sessions at a drinking establishment of some kind. Meeting up at a bar before we start gives us an opportunity to talk more about your wedding plans and go over the game-plan for the shoot. We don’t have to take any pictures there (though we certainly can), but what better way to loosen up than with a beer or cocktail! And if that’s not your scene, coffee shops work too.

how many places can we go?

I don’t set a hard limit, but if we’re in Chicago it’s best to pick two or three spots. That way we’re spending more of time shooting than traveling in between locations. For example, I met Johnna & Bryce at a pub near Lincoln Park. We took a few pictures inside then headed into the park to start shooting.  After maybe 45 minutes, we took a Lyft to North Ave. Beach and shot there until the sun started to go down. We finished up around the corner at Hotel Lincoln on the rooftop at dusk.

I’ll work with you on the exact timing once we’ve narrowed down your ideas. For destination engagement sessions, I often end up scheduling two days in case of rain, but if the weather is good, we can shoot on both days if you’re up for it.